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American Traditional Tattoo

Popularized by tattooist Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins in the 1930s, this style is based on bold, clean black outlines and a minimal, well saturated color palette consisting mainly of primary colors. Traditional imagery typically consists of skulls, roses, and daggers.

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Japanese Traditional Tattoo

Inspired by the ancient Japanese Tebori (hand carved) tattooing techniques, the traditional Japanese style was popularized in Japan by the Yakuza, the Japanese criminal underworld. Like American traditional, it is based on bold black outlines and minimal shading, but typically features images inspired by traditional Japanese art and nature as well as creatures and characters from Japanese folklore. Traditional Japanese imagery typically consists of lotus flowers, koi fish, tigers, warriors and waves. 

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Realism Tattoo

Realism is a style that tries to recreate images as they would appear in real life. Realism typically lacks the bold outlines found in more traditional forms of tattooing and instead uses shading and color contrasts to render the image.

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Minimalistic Tattoo

Minimalist tattoo is a unique style of art taking the main stage of tattooing today. It requires often using the least amount of information in the most creative ways to tell the largest story. Minimalism is fo everyone from beginners to tattoo collectors. This style can be adapted to fit any personality. 

Geometric Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are done typically using only lines and geometric shapes. Sacred geometry and ornamental color design work all rely heavily on basic geometric conventions.

Coverup Tattoo

As an award winning artist, covering up tattoos has become a unique specialty. First rule of a great coverup; Black cannot cover black. If you go to a tattoo shop and are told your need a big black tattoo to cover up your old tattoo, RUN! Free consultations are available for custom tattoo coverup designs. 


About Blue



With over a decade tattooing, Blue has set himself apart as an award winning artist dedicated to creating custom tattoo designs for his clients. Specializing in fit and flow, his talents are especially suited for designing tattoos to compliment natural female curves and shape. As a Multifaceted artist no one style has escaped his reach. Anything from traditional, tribal, realism, minimalist, are just a small part of whats possible when getting a custom tattoo design from Blue. 

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Hair & Makeup

Blue is a Multi Platform Artist. With his inspiration dedicated to capturing the natural beauty unique to each of his female clients. With over a decade of specializing in tattoo designs custom fitted for the female body, Blue realized that working with a live canvas didn't have to end there. In 2016 Blue attended and graduated with honors Paul Mitchell The School in San Diego. 

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Boudoir Photography

After years of taking cropped photos of tattoos like every other artist, Blue realized that what was missing was how the tattoo design compliments the entire body. Realizing that just taking a photo would not compliment the tattoo or the person, he studied boudoir photography with the intent to empower woman with the confidence of their natural beauty. Capturing the elegance and beauty of not only the canvas but the fit of a tattoo design of the canvas became a whole new art form for Blue.

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